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Business activities
Kitchen fitting
Furniture assembly service
Furniture repairs
Interior construction
Demolition and removal
Tile work
Sanitary installations
Laying of laminat and parquet
Electrical installation
Küchenmontage Berlin BrandenburgOur services - state of the art servicesKüchenmontage Berlin Brandenburg
You are searching for a company where you can get the single services listed or everything one-stop? This is the right address. We organise your complete interior finishing, starting with the demolition and removal of the matured interior through studworks including electrical installations to the final furniture and kitchen assembly. We work hand in hand with reliable partners. You will be convinced of the high-quality work we offer. Just have a look inside the gallery where you can find some images of projects from the past.
Küchenmontage Berlin BrandenburgCost/performance ratioKüchenmontage Berlin Brandenburg
Our bargains will not turn out to be an expensive pratfall. Rather you get reliable and professional craftsmen services at fair prices. We look forward to your inquiry.
Küchenaufbau Berlin BrandenburgOur offers - individual and non-bindingKüchenaufbau Berlin Brandenburg
Innenausbau Berlin
Contact us and get an individual and non-binding offer for your project. In answer to your request we will send a pdf-file to your e-mail account. Please feel free to visit our contact site...

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